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Digital Shift is a personal blog about the way accelerated disruptions brought by digital technologies impact existing organizations, and how companies try to adapt in order to survive.

DISCLAIMER : Digital Shift is a personal blog and only reflects my personal opinions.

Early 2000’s and the Internet bubble: at that time, promising (or not) startups were creating new services, new offers disconnected from “traditional” companies. One the one hand, “traditional” companies in automotive, energy, transportation, retail, banking… One the other hand, web companies providing free search, free content… Two worlds that seemed rather independant from each other, two economies that seemed to be disconnected from each other. Traditional companies were still dominating the global economy.

About ten years later, the situation started to change dramatically, in every region of the world. For the past few years, we’ve witnessed accelerated disruptions in many areas of economy, and big traditional companies have been challenged on their own core business. Digital-born players have taken significant market shares in the traditional industries:

– Expedia, Booking, Airbnb… in the travel industry
– Amazon, Alibaba, Zappos… in the retail industry
– Paypal, Kickstarter, ApplePay… in the finance industry
– Uber, Lyft.. in the taxi industry
– Google, Yahoo… in the advertising industry
– Netflix, Spotify, Deezer… in the media / music industry
and much more appearing continuously.

At an ever more accelerating pace, new digital-born players are emerging, posing a growing threat to more traditional companies which appear to be more like big ship tankers, taking years to react and adapt in front of these agile competitors. Digital transformation in big traditional companies has thus become a major concern and issue for the C-Suite, wondering how they can operate such a shift given the challenges in terms of business models, technology, processes, mindset… Most still struggle to find their way, with a few notable exceptions such as General Electrics, which has managed to remarkably adapt continously and keep in pace with disruptions like 3DPrintings or IoT (Internet of Things).

The purpose of this blog is to share my thoughts on how management, people, processes, IT, business may embrace this shift given my own personal experiences on the field. From senior IT and senior management experiences (board of Directors) at one of the e-commerce leader in Europe to entrepreneurial and startup experiences applying the approaches of lean startup, full agility, etc…  I will share my views on how both worlds may meet: how to enable changes in estasblished companies thanks to startup mindset, and how startups may scale up thanks to some corporate good practices.

Don’t hesitate to contact me to exchange about Digital shifts and your own experience, whether you are in a traditional company facing this challenge, or in a “digital-native” startup. It will be a pleasure to share views, experiences and practices.

Nguyen Trieu Khang


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